• Finding and gathering inspiration

    My main source of inspiration is nature. There is something about discovering new flowers and leaves that sparks my creativity (and all of that fresh air!).

    I love taking long walks around my neighbourhood with a camera in hand and snapping a few pictures that inspires me. I save everything in my computer and I reference back when I need new ideas.

  • Drawing and painting

    Once I get inspired, drawing and painting is how I express myself. I build a mood board, a color palette and after getting a clear idea on what to do I start drawing and painting. Not every drawing or painting makes it but all of them helps me get better and better. It can take 1-2 hours to finalize a painting (sometimes more!) but the end result is always worth it.

  • Digitalizing and Printing

    Finally, I scan the paintings andI work on them in Photoshop to perfect every detail. I clean up any mistakes made with pencil or smudge marks, I adjust the colors and I rearrange the elements to fit perfectly into a product you can buy! Once I’m happy with the final result I send all of my files off for printing and that’s it; a new product is born!