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Paige & Willow is a stationery company that provides beautiful and original greeting cards, art prints, notebooks and much more! All of the designs are romantic and they have a hint of femininity with floral patterns and fun illustrations. They are all hand painted and created by graphic designer and Paige & Willow’s founder Ketlin Martins. “After getting my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with focus on Graphic Design and working on the field for a few years I decided that it was time to dip my toes on the entrepreneurial world. I always had a great passion for illustration and everything stationery so I decided to merge those two passions together and create Paige & Willow. I truly put my heart and soul into this company and I’m always looking to create new designs and expand my ideas”. P&W’s main goal is to deliver great products and to spread some love one card at a time. Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!